Below is a map of our delivery areas. Hover your mouse pointer over an area of the map to reveal a magnification of the area. If you have a mouse wheel, use it to increase or decrease the magnification area size.

For orders to be delivered outside of the indicated area, please use our sister websites or

Map of our Delivery areas

We will deliver free to any location in the marked white area (subject to a minimum order of £60). If you require a delivery to a location on the marked boundary (or just outside it), please telephone us to confirm if we can deliver to you.

How we deliver your fuel

Our coal is delivered prepacked 25kg bags if you have a bunker or coal shed we can empty the bags  in to those for you . We understand that everybody’s needs are different and that solid fuel is not the easiest thing in the world to handle and store. That’s why we not only will deliver your coal to your bunker or shed but will also offload it and put into your store for you.

Our wood deliveries are LOOSE tipped with our specially built tipping trailers, or tipping body Land Rovers which are able to negotiate the tightest of driveways and tracks. We will always endeavour to offload your wood as close to your point of storage as is humanly possible to minimise your workload.

Please bear in mind that we are only able to deliver firewood as close to your store as it is possible or safe to do so with our delivery vehicles. Please see the terms and conditions page for full details.

Our deliveries are made by competent staff, on time and to your specification. We will always call you before making your delivery to ensure that you are ready for us (and have time to put the kettle on!)

Sometimes our customers choose to store their fuel in awkward or otherwise inaccessible areas. Our delivery fleet include 4-wheel drive vehicles and modern trailers deigned for demanding terrain. We have never been unable to deliver even in the harshest of conditions. When our competitors are snowed in and wouldn’t leave their depots in 2010 we were happily delivering logs and coal with Land Rovers, and even took to the roads with extra tractors and trailers to fulfil our orders.

You can depend on us to keep you warm – if we say we will deliver we will, no matter the weather.

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* subject to minimum order of £60 and location. Please see our delivery areas map for eligible areas.